Hello, the child was born on March 2, 2004, 16 years old this year, height 172.5 weight 53kg, father height 175 mother height 162

1Doctors want children to take growth hormone for half a year, how effective is the child now, it is not worth playing

2 What is the genetic height of the child

3 What is the child’s height

4Children want to grow taller now, what medicine should they take, what kind of exercise can help grow taller

5 children lack d3 have bought medicine supplement

6 How old is the child’s bone age?

[Identification and analysis:] The standard identification data is 17 years old bone age, and the base height of 172.5 predicts the future height of 173 to 175. The far, middle and near phalanx have been completely closed, only the radius is semi-closed, and growth hormone is no longer recommended. Only multi-skipping swimming , Get enough sleep, and a balanced diet grows naturally.

Use growth hormone to improve the height of the future. The latest bone age boy can not exceed 15 years old bone age, and the girl is over 13 years old bone age. This bone age data is the standard identification data. In fact, the girl comes to menstruation. After the boy changes his voice, it is basically the last time to use growth hormone. . Parents must make preparations early, check bone age as early as possible to predict future height, and do not have to be lucky. Wait until the child is not long to think of the drug improvement.

In addition, parents are reminded that the height of the child depends mainly on heredity and acquired efforts. The height is obviously problematic. Most of them are related to diseases and precocious dysplasia. However, do not blindly pursue future height. It is not possible to use growth hormone blindly after reaching genetic height. Taken, it clearly ignores the existence of side effects of growth hormone drugs.

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